Sampling sign-up bonuses at Casino Rewards' online casinos

Online casinos are upping their game when it comes to the incentives offered to first timers. The idea is to keep you interested and offer you something to go on when you sign up. Different casinos provide different types of bonuses when newcomers check in, and the scope of the bonus you get depends largely on the online casino you are dealing with and the particular time you choose to get on the train. These bonuses help your chances of winning big, and any serious gamer knows that they are a big deal. Casino Rewards, the network that owns tens of online casinos, is known for running a great operation, with the bottom-line looking good for the players in every sense of the way.

Let’s take a look at great signup bonuses offered by some casinos under that one umbrella:

Zodiac Casino

True to its mantra, Zodiac allows can avalanche of bonuses for those making their way to its virtual slots and tables for the first time. Once you register, all you need to do is put down one pound and you will be granted a whopping 80 chances to win a jackpot. While this does not exactly guarantee you a life in the sunshine, it infinitely increases your chances of walking away with a great reward for your troubles. It does not stop there. Zodiac gives you the opportunity to claim up to £480 in bonuses over the first four deposits of your account. You can leverage this to emerge victorious, and the technicality gives you a more solid standing than players that have been around the site for longer.

Captain Cooks

It would be fair to say that Captain Cooks does not skimp on sign up bonuses. With the first foot in, you are given as many as 100 chances to walk away with a great deal of money. The 100 chances come in the form of $25 bonus, which the site suggests you can use to put in 100 bets, each priced at a quarter of a dollar. They work best at the progressive slot games. All you need in order to enjoy these privileges is simply put down $5 as the first deposit. The second deposit guarantees you 100% match bonus, to the tune of $100. The third deposit comes with a 50% match bonus to the tune of $150 while the fourth deposit offers you 25% up to $125. The fifth time you load up your account gets you back to 100%. These are incredibly structured opportunities, allowing you to go all out without that nagging fear of losing money-the logic here is that even if you lose, you are essentially losing money that does not belong to you. This scenario works toward allowing you to take bigger risks, where the possibility of making it big and losing are equally high.

Luxury Casino

Luxury casino makes a massive promise. It offers you a £1000 bonus on the first 5 deposits you make. To many, this might look surreal and really blown out of the realm of logic. Why would a casino be dishing out cash instead of making it? It seems to be the case over at Luxury. Your first deposit attracts 100% bonuses, up to £150. Your second one gets you to 50% up to £200.The third one will give you 25% and scales up to £300. At the fourth deposit, your chances start to rise again, with a 50% bonus laid on up to £200.The fifth account deposit will give you 100% in bonuses up to £150.

At Luxury, you will need to deposit a total of £2300 into your player account if you are to redeem all deposits pertinent to your registration.

If you are looking for a great sign-up bonus at Casino Rewards' online casinos, then you are spoilt for choices. The huge network has 29 casinos under its keep, and all of them offer lucrative bonuses for first timers. This gives new players the opportunity to grow in confidence as they learn the ropes. It also offers a chance for anyone to walk away with real winnings in cash, all redeemable within minutes of winning. With all these casinos, the registration process is an easy affair, with forms taking as little as 5 minutes to fill and submit. Said casinos also have a flawless feel and great graphic interlay.