Differences between online roulette and casino roulette

The game of Roulette is well known around the world, it is based on its unending appeal. If you were to visit a traditional casino, you would find a roulette table sitting firmly at the center of the casino, flanked by various other types of games. Online roulette came into stardom, straying away from their casino based counterpart, in the year 1997. This is a rundown of the varied differences between the two forms, to help you decide on what suits you best.


Due to the fact that most states restrict opening of a casino ( not all cities are Las Vegas! ), it would be near nigh impossible to find a casino that is close to your location. But, same is not the case with online casinos, which are just a click away! This easier access has facilitated their tremendous popularity.


In casino based roulette there is the hustle and bustle of the surrounding. This would pump you up, and make you accommodative of the game. While same is not the case with online roulette. After all, there is no one to cheer you when you win your hand, or to chide you on losing. Though, it makes for a great place for players who are looking for a noise distraction free environment.


As have been asserted above, not all states allow setting up of casinos. Then, it would be very difficult for you to frequent one, till of course, you live in Las Vegas (a completely different story! ). But, online roulette could easily be accessed with the click of a mouse button, and you can start playing right away!

Game variety

Online roulette provides for a lot of variety, while the same couldn't be said about Casino roulette. Casino roulette would usually cater to the game the players are most interested in playing or a game they are most famous for. This is quite an edge that online roulette has over casino roulette, making certain that you don't get bored of the same game regime.


It is quite hectic when done in a casino roulette since you are expected to go buy chips, wait for your turn etc. While in the online roulette, you could easily change your bets suited to your needs, and the best part, the game wouldn't start without you. This would aid you in thinking it through, without having to hurry with your bet.

If you are looking forward to a fun night out with friends, coupled with some adventurous undertakings, then casino roulette is the one for you. But, if you are looking forward to a more calm and accommodating experience, something that allows you to think, and play at your own pace, then online roulette may suit you better.